Obtaining Fair Divorce Settlements

Apart from matters involving child custody, support and parenting time, property division is often the most contentious aspect of any divorce. For many people, one of the first questions they have when heading into a divorce is "What will I get in the divorce?"

While it's natural, and prudent to think about how you will protect your assets, it is also important to think about the bigger picture. At Tuzinski & Zick, L.L.C., we advise our clients toward creative solutions that achieve the goal of resolving the matter efficiently. We do this by keeping negotiations and proceedings focused on reaching sustainable agreements that both parties can be satisfied with.

We Are Minnesota Attorneys Helping People Look To The Future After Divorce

No matter your financial situation, you marital estate will need to be divided in accordance with Minnesota's equitable distribution laws. As your lawyers, we will help you identify marital and nonmarital property, valuate your debts and assets and ultimately determine the most beneficial method for resolving the process.

Although it may seem straightforward, the property division stage of a divorce is often where couples get stuck, lose sight of the ultimate goal and end up costing themselves significant time and money. With our experience and instruction guiding you, you can avoid these roadblocks and avoid some of the negative emotional and financial impact that may accompany divorce.

Marital And Nonmarital Property

An important aspect of any property division is identifying marital and nonmarital property. In Minnesota, marital property is eligible for division, while nonmarital property is typically not. Should your case go before a judge, the court will divide marital property as it deems equitable. However, property owned by an individual before the marriage, perhaps family heirlooms, or assets acquired during the marriage such as an inheritance, may be considered nonmarital property. Our attorneys know how to uncover and trace assets to a nonmarital source to ensure that what belongs to you, stays with you.

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