Twin Cities Child Support Attorney

Parents have an obligation to ensure that their children are financially provided for. During a divorce, many parents become overwhelmed by the barrage of important decisions they must make regarding their finances and the relationships they have with their kids. At Tuzinski & Zick, L.L.C., we understand the situation and will help you make sense of everything. When structuring a child support agreement, we can help you reach a realistic agreement or advocate on your behalf during litigation to see that you are treated fairly.

Child Support In Minnesota

Like numerous other states, Minnesota relies on statutory guidelines when determining the amount of child support to be paid. Although there are numerous factors that contribute to the court's decision, some common issues that the courts consider or parents discuss during negotiations include:

  • The number of children involved
  • The incomes and earning potential of both parents
  • Health care and insurance premiums
  • Parenting time arrangements
  • Work or education-related child care expenses
  • Household expenses

Each family's situation differs and the circumstances surrounding your child support agreement may vary from that of someone you know. By working with our experienced attorneys, you will have a clear understanding of what to expect moving forward as well as the opportunity to voice your wishes regarding the amount to be paid or received.

We Help You Reach Agreements That Address The Present While Planning Ahead

In the future, the financial needs of your children may change. Also, you may experience significant changes to your financial situation. To account for these and other unforeseen factors, our lawyers can help you address any modifications you need to make to your support or custody agreement.

Reach out to us to share your concerns and learn how we can help you reach an amicable child support agreement. Contact our law offices serving clients in Brooklyn Park and throughout the Twin Cities metro area by dialing 763-515-8046 or simply complete our online contact form.